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After graduating college, it was time to get a professional look. When I procrastinated too long and realized I had only three days before my first interview, I came to Ask Hairstylist in a panic to find the right look. I paid the fee, answered the questionnaire, uploaded a photo and prayed. Less than 24 hours, I had the four style suggestions I paid for, a bonus suggestion on how to style my beard, three product suggestions for maintaining the styles, and a report so detailed my college professors would love it. Finally, I loved their service!
Tom Koch
Tom Koch
Civil Engineer
I’ve been growing my hair out since before High School. I was ready for a change — cut, color, everything. But that was a big step, and I couldn’t decide what would look good. I didn’t know if I wanted to go red, blonde, or just a darker shade of brown. I couldn’t decide between a bob, a pixie cut, undercut… the possibilities were endless, and growing out a mistake would take time. I purchased the hairstyle and hair color service to get suggestions for both of them. I was considering and it was money well spent. With the stylist’s suggestions and detailed support, I was able to pick the perfect hairstyle and show the salon exactly what I wanted.
Georgia Campbell
Georgia Campbell
Stay At Home Mom
I’m a serial changer. I’ve colored my hair so many times, I’m not certain what my original color is anymore. And I’ve re-styled it even more often. I’d finally run out of ideas, so I decided to give Ask Hairstylist a try. First of all, they truly knows how to style! Not only did I get some awesome hairstyle suggestions (they threw in a freebie!), I got some awesome recommendations for products to try out and a detailed report that told me why each hairstyle would work for me, which gave me ideas for other styles once I try these out. Thank you so much, Ask Hairstylist team! Will again use your service for my wedding hairstyle! LOL :D
Rhonda Eubanks
Rhonda Eubanks
Fresh Graduate

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